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  • Environmental monitoring
    Environmental Air Sampling instruments to collect airborne pollutants

    Ambient air samplers to collect PM10, PM2,5 PM1 and TSP at medium and high volume options.
    Air samplers and accessories to collect the gas and vapor fractions in indoor and outdoor monitoring.

  • Stack Emission Sampling
    Emission stack monitoring air sampling systems with probes and accessories

    Emission sampler for stack sampling applications, Isokinetic portable calculators, Stack sampling
    probes to collect pollutant with EPA and CEN compliance, Cascade impactor for PM10 PM2,5 and PM4.

  • Workplace ambient monitoring
    Portable air samplers for airborne toxic gas and vapor, particles and fibers

    Portable samplers to collect respirable dust, asbestos fibers
    and toxic gas and vapors. Sorbent tubes, Cyclones and accessories.

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Who we are

AMS Analitica s.r.l.

AMS Analitica deals with device production and distribution to monitor air and workplace parameters, environment and chimney emission control. Our constant pursuit developing optimal solutions it is our business focus. This process makes more and more reliable sampling and ultimate analysis phases.
We are distributing prestigious brands over Italian area for more than a decade, up to compensate any kind of sampling strategy with clear and efficient answers.  

Principally we have three fractions to check atmospheric pollution:

Ambient sampling: from dust fractions PM10 and PM2,5 to more difficult toxic pollutants determination like Dioxins, Furans, IPA and PCB. Those samplings are able to be performed with AirFlow HVS high volume samplers. Since many years this device became a standard reference into national and international panorama, and to the sequential and single PTS and PM samplers standing into DustCheck DPM line.

Workplace sampling: our best seller products, which through exclusive distribution in Italy for Gastec and SKC materials, they have confirmed world leader brand also in the italian market. To this product series we have also put side by side a complete AirCubeā„¢ sampling series, able to perform sampling in workplace spaces, to estimate inhalable dust fractions and PM fraction, and devices for mounting asbestos airborne fibers.

Chimney emissions sampling: A new isokinetic samplers line and their probes, dedicated to chimney sampling, in compliant with european and international normatives, features the entire new line of products. From assembling and integrable sampling lines with each others, with devices for direct revelation heavy metals emission parameters, dioxins and furans,  inorganic acids, mercury, dusts and particle fractions PM.
AMS Analitica has a new Filters Membrane catalogue totally finalized to air monitoring. A full product line with a complete set of membrane filters in several different materials.