Filters transport cassettes

  • Holds membrane filters by 25, 37 e 47 mm
  • Manufactured in a non static material
  • Holds membrane filters immobile inside the transport cassette
  • Supplied with pre-printed labels for sample I.D.


Filters transport cassettes, accepts filters on 25, 37 and 47 mm, with rectangular base fits most requirements on storage disc filters and protects filter integrity during transportation before and after sampling. An Inner cover ring for air-tight securing of sample does not interfere with sample loaded on filter and guarantees the filter stability inside the cassette.

No sample loss or filters damages, with the new AMS filters transport cassettes. Manufactured in non static plastic material, the transport cassette are really easy approach and handling, reducing cost and reducing risk on sample stability during shipping and transport. The filter transport cassettes are supplied in 100 pcs box with pre-printed label for sample identification.

Ordering informations

Part number Description and packaging
600/FK025 Filters transport cassettes 25 mm pack of 100
600/FK037 Filters transport cassettes 37 mm pack of 100
600/FK047 Filters transport cassettes 47 mm pack of 100

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